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It might not look like it but there’s a lot going on inside a Silentnight Berlin mattress. There are a number of spring types and systems at work here to create a unique sense of support, not only a Mirapocket core but also an accupressure pad surface that offers targeted supported to certain areas of the body such as the shoulders, neck, hips and lower back. This accupressure pad offers zonal support to 7 ergonomic areas in total and is featured on some of Silentnight’s high end mattresses such as the Berlin. As for the Mirapocket core, well that is a combination of 750 of Silentnight’s exclusive Miracoil springs and of 800 traditional pocket springs to create a total of 1550 as mentioned in the title.

The Silentnight Berlin Mirapocket mattress also features a luxurious knitted cover featured in other high quality options such as the Silentnight London mattress and if you look carefully, you’ll notice that around the edge of the mattress, there are two different types of fabric. The central line made up of a light cream colour has special properties that allows air to flow through the mattress to boost circulation and keep the mattress fresh by reducing moisture content.

The choice of EcoComfort fibres in the surface padding of the Berlin mattress also help disperse moisture content and keep you cool. These are partly made up of recycled material and also give this mattress hypoallergenic qualities. This is a relatively thick mattress at 29cm deep due to the amount of layers within the Berlin. Due to its popularity, the Silentnight Berlin Mattress is kept in stock for next day delivery and you also get a free set of pillows.

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