Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, Mattress Reviews UK hope to answer many of the questions you may have regarding your next mattress purchase. It can be hard to find detailed answers to these questions, particularly on retailers websites so we’ll feature in-depth explanations here. If you have a question of your own regarding mattresses, please email us at and we’ll try to answer them. It’d be really appreciated if you as other people have the same problem will then find this page.

What is the difference between an open coil and a pocket sprung mattress?

When choosing your new mattress, one of the main decisions you’ll have to make is between an open coil and pocket sprung mattress. While they may sound similar in principle, there’s a big difference between these two spring system types that affects the way in which they support your body. Open coil mattresses are generally cheaper and tend to have a firmer feel offering more support, however some find them uncomfortable and they can have a short life span. Pocket sprung mattresses on the other hand feature many individually wrapped springs arranged over the area of the mattress that can move independently of one another as the cloth pockets prevent them from interlocking. Pocket sprung mattresses tend to mention within their name how many individual springs they have such as the Star Ultimate Regal Ortho Pocket 1200 Mattress. The higher the number of springs, the more comfortable and accommodating the mattresses is but theywill also be more expensive.

Well then what is Miracoil?

In some respects Miracoil falls somewhere in between open coil and pocket springs but certainly would fall on the side of open coil. There is a similar system called Mirapocket that is based more on a pocket springs. Miracoil as a technology is exclusive to Silentnight mattresses and is essentially the factor behind their logo which features a hippo and a bird indicating how responsive and weight-distributive the springs are. As a continuous coil system, Silentnight Miracoil features springs with a unique shape that offers twice as much support as a bonnel open coil bed. The arrangement of the springs and the lateral connections they make offers targeted support to the three main sections of the body and some of their high end Miracoil 7 mattresses target seven parts. Springs are reinforced at the edges of the bed to prevent slumping and ultimately give more sleeping space and the way the Miracoil springs compress causes less partner disturbance and prevents the ‘roll together effect’ which cheaper open coil mattresses can cause.