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Rest Assured Verona 1400 Pocket Luxury Mattress Reviews

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The Verona mattress by Rest Assured is a part of their sought after Silhouette collection and is a mid-range mattress with 1400 pocket springs and a generous padded layer of fillings to give a medium tension surface. The advantage of this is a firm enough mattress to provide good posture but soft enough to give a comfortable night’s sleep making it a perfect ‘inbetweener’ and compromising mattress.

The sheer quantity of the 1400 pocket springs offers great weight distribution and support with a highly accommodating spring system. Opting for a high pocket spring counts gives a more responsive mattress that can mould to your bodies form more precisely. A good analogy is how a screen with more pixels offers a higher resolution. The ability of the pocket springs to move independently of one another makes it ideal for couples who are often awoken by the movements of the other during the night.

As a Rest Assured Verona 1400 Pocket Luxury Mattress review, I have to point out that there are Rest Assured mattresses with higher spring counts but as mentioned, this is a mid-range mattress and is of course much cheaper than those options. The Silhouette range is named after iconic Italian cities such as this Verona mattress named after the setting of Romeo and Juliet.

The Rest Assured Verona mattress has double side stitching to reinforce the edges and help the mattress last longer. This is indicated by the stylish black trim which surrounds Silhouette mattresses. This extra feature is rare to find in other manufacturer’s mattresses and really show that level of care that Rest Assured put into their Silhouette collection.

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3FT Single, 4FT 6 Double, 5FT Kingsize, 6FT Superking

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