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The Myers Ortho Firm Mattress is an orthopaedic open coil mattress, that gives twice the support and twice the comfort of a regular/traditional mattress. This is achieved by the special 650 Dual Firm Response open coil springs Myers uses in this mattress. While this mattress is a high quality firm feeling orthopaedic mattress, it does not have the high price you might expect for this type of mattress, it is actually very reasonably price, starting from 130 pounds. A great benefit of this mattress is that it is almost always in stock and can be delivered to you within a day!

While open coil springs is the most widely used mattress technique, this particular mattress has a few advantages over the cheapest types of open coil. First of all, this mattress is orthopaedic and give much more support to the lower back and shoulders than a regular open coil. Another advantage is that the springs are arranged in a manner to create sleeping zones. This means that the edges and the middle of the mattress are more firm which prevents you from rolling together with your partner or rolling out of the bed. The personal sleep zones also make it less likely to wake up from another persons movement, since it does not have much effect on the other sleepzone. If you use this mattress with two people, you will both end up sleeping better and having more personal sleep space.The stronger edges and middle of the mattress also ensure the durability of this mattress, seeing that the edges won’t easily get wobbly or the middle won’t sink.

Seeing that the edges of this mattress are strong it will suit a divan very well, but you can also use this mattress on bedsteads with slats. This mattress is double sided and can be turned over to keep in the best condition possible. One of the advantages of this is that the mattress will be good for many years. Myers give you a 12 year warranty, so you do not have to worry about the quality of the mattress. Myers only produces mattresses of which they can guarantee the quality. This mattress has a depth of 25cm and a luxurious damask cover. The mattress is padded by a thick white fibres that make this firm mattress feel comfortable.


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3FT Single, 4FT Small Double, 4FT 6 Double, 5FT Kingsize

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