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They may have built more of a name for themselves in temperature optimised bedding covers but CoolMax also produce a best-selling range of memory foam mattress that also incorporate these innovative, smart-fabric covers. Most popular selection of CoolMax foam mattresses is the Performance range which is both highly affordable and made completely of foam. The CoolMax Performance mattresses are available in an array of specifications with a varying price range in accordance with the thickness of the memory foam used.

As pictured here, the Performance 250 mattress features a 2.5cm layer of high density, visco-elastic memory foam atop a 12.5cm layer of reflex foam. Accordingly, the Performance 800 mattress has an 8cm layer of memory foam but also costs considerably more. However, this range of CoolMax mattress comes at a remarkably cheap price. There are no springs and so no noise is produced by these mattresses and they are also hypoallergenic. The CoolMax Performance 250 mattress is rated as a medium firm mattress due to the relatively thin layer of the softer memory foam over the more resilient reflex foam which is ideal if you need extra support for the shoulders and hips.

As memory and reflex foam are such durable materials, even a cheap mattress like the CoolMax Performance 250 as reviewed here comes with a 5 year warranty. To assure high quality, this mattress is made in the UK meeting strict regulations and providing local employment. If you’re still not convinced about the remarkably properties that memory foam and CoolMax covers offer, why not try one of their contoured pillows which really demonstrate the comfort and moulded support they offer. CoolMax covers are optimised to keep you cool and dry while you sleep through the unique structuring of the fabric fibres.

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Memory Foam


Medium Firm

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5 year


3FT Single, 4FT 6 Double, 5FT Kingsize, 6FT Superking

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