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The Bodyshape memory foam mattress from MattressOnline is a consistent best-seller due to its economical approach. It offers truly great value and is one of the cheapest memory foam mattress you’ll find. Bodyshape are a unique brand that specialise in memory foam and in producing cheap mattresses. However memory foam isn’t just s cheaper alternative to traditional sprung mattresses, there are also many benefits.

Firstly because of the lack of springs, memory foam mattresses are virtually silent and because of the force-absorbant nature of the foam, your partners movements wont disturb you and any movements you make together won’t disturb people in the rest of the house. Secondly, because spring mattresses tend to be so complicated, there are lots of things that can go wrong. The most common is springs snapping or falling out of place but they can also become tangled and create uncomfortable spots on the bed. Because of this sprung mattresses tend to come with far shorter warranties.

As for the physical dimensions and specifications of the Bodyshape Value Memory Mattress, it has a thickness of 15cm with a 2.5cm layer of high quality memory foam. The cover is removable for easy cleaning and the mattress is sold as a roller up package to make it easy to get up the stairs and to the room of your choice.

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1 year


3FT Single, 4FT Small Double, 4FT 6 Double, 5FT Kingsize

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