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Looking for the cheapest price on this Tempur mattress? We think we’ve found it with a double at £1,449. Click our green Read Reviews button to be taking to the Warren Evans shop where you can save over £100 compared to John Lewis. If you’re willing to splash out on a top brand mattress such as Tempur, you might as well go the extra mile and opt for their high-end mattress while you’re at it. The Original Deluxe 22 HD is the pinnacle when it comes to Tempur mattresses available through Warren Evans. This is titled as an ‘HD’ mattress by some retailers although note that this stands for High Density rather than the High Definition in the ‘HD’ you might be used to. This is because the foam material used in the Original Deluxe 22 is of the highest quality and is therefore denser than the foam used in the cheapest mattresses. As is the case with most Tempur mattresses, the Original Deluxe 22 HD is made up of several layers of foam, each bearing different properties and physical qualities to offer the best sleeping experience possible. The base of the mattress is made up of polyurethane foam which offers great support and has a  surface texture with equally spaced peaks or nodules which hold up the second layer and allow air to flow underneath it to keep you cool. This second layer is made up of standard visco-elastic memory foam and is the part which really moulds to your body’s shape. Finally a surface layer of ultra-soft velour has been added which is 2cm thick and adds that extra level of comfort to this firm mattress. Tempur offer a 15 year limited guarantee with this mattress making it a really worthwhile investment as you can enjoy many, many great nights of sleep without having to worry about defects. Ths Tempur Original Deluxe Mattress 22 reviews here point out that as you might expect, it is 22cm thick and is available as a single, double, kingsize and superking option.

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Warren Evans, Tempur

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15 year


3FT Single, 4FT 6 Double, 5FT Kingsize, 6FT Superking

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